“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork”
- Psalm 19:1


We met Ryan and Chelsie at Agra who were visiting India from the US. Ryan had already worked with us a month ago and planned the details for a blog shoot at Taj Mahal... well at least that was the pretext for Chelsie. But little did she know it was going to be a shoot of a lifetime when Ryan would pop THE QUESTION.


Rewind to the day before the shoot, Chris and I visited the Taj Mahal to scout the location. The fog could not be any thicker.

I took a picture of Chris standing just a few meters away from the Taj and we could hardly see the Wonder.

It also happened to be the busiest time of the year to be visited by Indians (since it was during the holidays). A tour guide said that they were expecting about 60,000 people each day to visit the Taj.


Chris and I had no clue how we would tackle these two challenges— THE UNBELIEVABLY THICK DENSE FOG and THE MASSIVE CROWD. But we prayed that God would do a miracle. We were prepared to see the mighty hand of God do His work. We simply went prepared for the shoot trusting Him 100%.


We also warned Ryan and Chelsie about it. They seemed to be pretty chill about it coz they trusted the same source as well. We finished the first day of shoot at the Agra Fort(which is coming soon on the blog). The second day we went to the Taj knowing the possible obstacles we had at hand. Chelsie said, “I know if God wanted He could clear the fog for us”. All of us were expectant for God to bless this shoot and do something cool. Sure enough when we reached the location we were some of the first people to arrive there. The fog had not fully set in. As we progressed towards the Taj we saw it clearing More and More but still had just the right amount for it to have a whimsical effect. We experienced God’s Favor there.  We went on to get some shots till we reached the Taj grounds when Ryan positioned himself and got a green signal from us before he knelt on his knee and asked the question!! That moment was simply dreamy... everything... the brief clearing of the fog, the view from where he proposed and the celebratory applause from strangers and onlookers around us.  It was the perfect beginning of a lifetime journey together....


Chris and I were so honored that they chose us as their photographers for this special moment. We had a blast shooting this beautiful couple. This shoot will definitely go down our memory lane.

The day before the engagement…


The day before we shot Ryan and Chelsie at the Taj Mahal we visited the Agra Fort with them. The results are some beautiful pictures that capture their personality and relationship. It was also the last pictures of them before they got engaged (she didn't know the plan for the next day!)

“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” - Unknown Author


We love to celebrate the beautiful gift of Love and Marriage. Michelle and Gaurav have been married for over five years and their love for each other still feels like they just met yesterday. So young, fresh and vibrant. These two lovebirds make a stunning couple! We had a blast getting to know them as we took their pictures here at Lodhi Gardens on a cool summer morning.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss


Apart from the friendship I have shared with Ahana for several years, it was also our first wedding we covered after we arrived here in India from the States.


Their wedding lived up to everything I love about traditional Indian wedding. The colours, decor, coming together of all relatives and friends, amazing food, and above all Ahana and Gaurav’s love for each other made their day a perfect one! The reunion of relatives who came from all over brought so much love and emotion into this beautiful day. Not to forget their sweet little Peaches added so much joy in their celebration. To be a part of this day was nothing but an honour for us.


Thank you both for letting us join your important day in a way we will truly treasure for a very long time!! We love you guys :)

“I've got the moves like Jagger ” - Maroon 5


Jordan and Darryl are a couple we are proud to call as our dear friends.  Jordan is a sweet , graceful and friendly person who can get into any situation and be comfortable in it. Her love for people shows massively through all her travels around the world. Darryl is a laid back, fun loving guy who pretty much has moves like jagger! This adorable couple made their engagement shoot an enjoyable experience for us.







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